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Global Freshman Academy: Creating Access and Overcoming Early MOOC Setbacks

The American labor market is desperate for more degree-holders. Nearly half (48 percent) of American adults have a high school diploma but no postsecondary credential, but enrollment numbers are staying stagnant. According to a recent Lumina poll, conducted by Gallup, 79 percent of Americans do not think higher education is affordable. Through their Global Freshman Academy program, edX and Arizona State University (ASU) aim to change that. The program charges $45 to enroll in the Verified Track of selected courses,…

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Percentage of higher education leaders who value the innovative aspects of a solution over its cost, according to Ovum’s 2015 survey.

“When you partner with an expert in the field, you’ll produce a better product.”
~ DAN BURSCH, program director of the MBA@UNC at UNC Chapel Hill, explained that partnering with a vendor on the technical aspects of UNC’s online MBA program allowed his team to focus on curriculum development, creating a better product overall.

“I don’t believe in silver bullets, but it is certainly part of the silver buckshot.”
~ WILLIAM SERRATA, president of El Paso Community College, explained that dual-credit programs were one of many new strategies community colleges could use to increase enrollments and succeed in this era of low state appropriations.

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We Are The Humanities: How Humanities Prepare Non-Trads for the Business World

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Innovation and Affordability: A College Program for Working Adults

When I started my present position at Loyola University Chicago, I dove into the statistics on our enrollment numbers. I specifically wanted to understand why so many accepted students do not ultimately enroll in classes. I soon discovered that the number one reason accepted students never cross the line to…

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