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The Multi-Faceted Potential of Competency Based Education: Four Benefits of CBE

In a recent Lumina-organized workshop on Competency-Based Education (CBE), it was remarked that CBE, will succeed where MOOC has not to truly revolutionize higher education. Paul Fain, in one of his Inside Higher Education blogs called CBE the next big thing. The growing interest in Competency-Based Education spans institutions (their number went from 20 last year to almost 250 this year), accreditation agencies, and the Department of Education. Although many of the institutions embracing CBE are offering adult education and…

Stats & Quotes

300 million
Dollars of funding cuts faced by the University of Wisconsin System, as announced by Governor Scott Walker.

“Students vote with their feet.”
~ WILLIAM N. LAFORGE, president of Delta State University, explained his institution was forced to shutter a number of academic programs because students simply were not enrolling.

“Maine can no longer afford the system we have now.”
~ JAMES PAGE, chancellor of the University of Maine System, explained that central planning and administrative consolidation is critical for the system’s institutions to remain viable over the long term.

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Cyber-Risk: Privacy, Access and Student-Customer Expectations (Part 1)

—Co-written with Scott Sorley | Executive Director of Information and Communication Technology Services, University of Southern Queensland— Acknowledgment of the Student-Customer Within university culture there has traditionally…

Open Source Software for Learning Technologies in Higher Education

—Co-written with Imad Al Saeed | Program Director of Information Technology, Colorado Technical University and Brian K. Leonard | Assistant Professor of Business Law, Alabama A&M University—…

Lessons From a For-Profit: Nimbility

In this series we’re exploring the lessons that traditional institutions and successful for-profit institutions can share with each other, and in this installment we are going to focus on institutional nimbility. Definition The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines Nimbility as … oh wait. It doesn’t define Nimbility. After an inordinate amount of…

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