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Internationalization Key to Success in the International Marketplace

The international student population is getting lots of attention from colleges and universities across the United States. Between 2008 and 2014, international student enrollments at U.S. universities grew 42 percent, despite the recession. These students are largely self-financed and, in 2014, contributed $27 billion to the US economy.[1] Bringing these students in the door is a clear priority for more and more institutions, but succeeding in this environment takes more than simply including an “International Students” section to the website.…

Stats & Quotes

300 million
Dollars of funding cuts faced by the University of Wisconsin System, as announced by Governor Scott Walker.

“Students vote with their feet.”
~ WILLIAM N. LAFORGE, president of Delta State University, explained his institution was forced to shutter a number of academic programs because students simply were not enrolling.

“Maine can no longer afford the system we have now.”
~ JAMES PAGE, chancellor of the University of Maine System, explained that central planning and administrative consolidation is critical for the system’s institutions to remain viable over the long term.

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