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The following interview is with David Godoy, winner of the 2014 Mary Cone Barrie Scholarship. Godoy is a student in Salt Lake Community College’s manufacturing engineering program and expects to graduate in May 2016. In this interview, he discusses his experience as a non-traditional student and shares his thoughts on how higher education institutions could evolve to better meet the needs of adult learners. Click here to read key takeaways. 1. Why did you decide to leave Venezuela and come…

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Percentage of EvoLLLution readers who think three-year bachelor’s degrees should be introduced at universities across the United States, according to a recent poll.

“They are asking us more and more, ‘What is the cost of this?’”
~ NICHOLAS ZEPPOS, president of Vanderbilt University, said the businessmen on his board of trustees are amazed by the degree and complexity of the regulatory environment higher education institutions operate within.

“We have a unique opportunity to begin the process of transforming an industry.”
~ DAVID HAWN, president of the ECMC Group, discussed his group’s plan to overhaul the 56 Everest and WyoTech campuses they purchased from Corinthian Colleges Inc. and create the nation’s largest non-profit career college system.

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Prevention Better Than Cure: Security Breaches Cost Higher Ed

The following email Q&A is with Novadean Watson-Stone, IT program director at the American Public University System. A recent report by BitSight Technologies said higher education institutions…

Authentic Learning: Creating Meaning in the Higher Ed Classroom

—Co-written with Brandon West | Instructional Design Librarian, SUNY Oswego— Over the last several years, authentic learning has become a buzzword in the higher education community. It’s…

Schooling for Employment: How Higher Ed Should React to the Growth of Coding Academies

Software development schools (like The Flatiron School and App Academy) provide access to learning and employment through a thoughtfully articulated progression that’s simple and remarkably brilliant. In short, these schools have a highly efficient educational model that promises to go from campus-based learning to employment in 12 weeks. The operational…

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