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An Educator’s Guide for Curriculum Collaboration: Four Groups that Need to Be Involved

We know collaboration between employers and educators is important in determining program curriculum and delivery methods in order to ensure all major stakeholders are in sync as to purpose, need and sustainability of programming. Educators should bring several entities to the table to collectively discuss and define current industry trends and the knowledge, skills and abilities required for the career paths to be addressed by the proposed curriculum. Added benefits of collaborative approaches to program development? Those you have actively…

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Percentage of senior information technology administrators who are planning to better-leverage technology solutions over the next two-to-three years to support student success, according to a report by the Campus Computing Project.

“We can change today's employment and education scenery.”
~ JULIE BAKER FINCK, president of the Barbara Bush Houston Literacy Foundation, wrote businesses that want skilled workers depend greatly on continuous investment in adult education to strengthen the workforce.

"Some students never tell the institution that they’ve had previous postsecondary experience."
~ SEAN SIMONE, a statistician at the National Center for Education Statistics, said many postsecondary institutions are unaware that incoming students have prior credits from another college or university, resulting in many lost credits and longer time to completion.

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Point/Counterpoint: Does Academic Freedom Imply IT Freedom As Well? (Pt. 1)

This is the first of a two-part series by Mike Scheuermann where he will present both sides of the argument regarding whether academic freedom implies IT freedom…

AUDIO | The Promise of Interdisciplinary Education: Blending STEM and Liberal Arts

The following interview is with Joseph Helble, dean of the Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth College. In recent years, liberal arts programming has faced increasingly significant…

Five Mobile Strategies to Help Higher Education Institutions Increase Enrollment

As prospective students are taking advantage of new technology to research their education options, higher education marketers are scrambling to determine how to convince them to attend their universities. Because these audiences are so different from those of years past, marketing tactics need to pivot in a completely new direction.…

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