AUDIO | What It Takes to Keep Student Information Safe in the Digital Age

The following interview is with Gary Langsdale, university risk officer at Penn State University. IT security is becoming a hot topic for higher education leaders across the country, especially as increasing amounts of data is stored in the cloud, and as more administrative processes are taking place online. In this interview, Langsdale expands on the impact these transformations have on customer expectations in the postsecondary space, how postsecondary IT leaders must react to these changes, and how institutions can improve…

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Percentage of EvoLLLution readers who think faculty should be involved with institutional retention efforts.

“Colleges have to act more like competitive institutions.”
~ DAVIS JENKINS, a senior research associate at the Community College Research Center at Columbia University’s Teachers College, said higher education institutions ,will need to start acting more like a business and focus their efforts on a customer-centric model given their increasing reliance on tuition dollars.

"The future of higher education depends on transparency and a commitment to measuring outcomes and value.”
~ KING ALEXANDER, president and chancellor of Louisiana State University, said higher education leaders will need to use data to prove the value of higher education in order to be successful in the future.

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