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How The Regulatory Trifecta is Wrapping Higher Ed in Red Tape

State authorization, gainful employment and the credit hour; these three regulatory areas are the focus of the Department of Education’s so-called “Program Integrity” regulations. Issued together in 2010, these three rules have had a major negative impact on colleges and universities. While intended to focus on the Title IV and federal financial aid eligibility, the consequences have gone well beyond. Of the three new regulations, State authorization has created the most immediate pain. It requires educational institutions to obtain “authorization”…

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Percentage of employees who believe their employers favor work experience and related skills over higher education credentials when evaluating job candidates, according to Glassdoor’s 2014 Employment Confidence Survey.

“There is increased evidence that college students are learning very little in terms of the skills that higher education prides itself on."
~ AMY LAITNEN, deputy director for higher education at the New America Foundation, said the postsecondary industry should turn their focus to competency-based learning, as this practice acknowledges learning inside and outside of the classroom.

“Adult learners at 24-34+ years of age, are savvy shoppers.”
~ TODD BLOOM, chief academic officer at Hobsons, said postsecondary institutions need to be in tune with their adult learners’ demands, as these students see higher education in the same light as other major purchases and want to get the most out of the services offered at a college or a university.

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