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Agility and Flexibility Central Characteristics of the Modern Higher Ed Institution

Agility is an ever-increasing requirement of success in any industry and (to the chagrin of some) higher education is no longer an exception. Williams, Worley, and Lawler define agility as more than just the ability to change. “It is cultivated capability that enables an organization to respond in a timely, effective, and sustainable way, when changing circumstances require it.”[1] For higher education— present circumstances require it. We can no longer maneuver like “battleships that cannot turn quickly when the competitive…

Stats & Quotes

177 billion
Dollars spent annually by employers on formal training for employees, according to the Georgetown Center for Education and the Workforce.

“A spectacular opportunity lies before us.”
~ ANDREW ROBB, Australian trade minister, said online learning vastly expands the capacity for Australian universities to capitalize on the growing market of international students looking for university-provided English education.

“The idea that there’s only one path through college is antiquated.”
~ JASON DEWITT, researcher manager at the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center, found that 46 percent of students who earned their bachelor’s degree in 2014 attended a community college at some point in the past decade.

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