VIDEO | The Higher Ed Revolution Requires Employer Participation

This trailer highlights some of the interesting ideas and innovative insights shared by all three speakers at The EvoLLLution Symposium on Higher Education and the Workforce, hosted at Stanford University. To watch the full video, please click here.   I’m a non-traditional student. I’ve been in the workforce for more than 20 years and before I transferred to UCLA — where I just completed my bachelor’s degree — I attended community college. My first day at community college was rather…

Stats & Quotes

Percentage of American higher education students who are expected to be over the age of 35 in 2020, according the National Center for Education Statistics.

“Colleges have to act more like competitive institutions.”
~ DAVIS JENKINS, a senior research associate at the Community College Research Center at Columbia University’s Teachers College, said higher education institutions ,will need to start acting more like a business and focus their efforts on a customer-centric model given their increasing reliance on tuition dollars.

"Businesses have grown enormously in complexity and scope, and more than ever they need ethical, skilled, well-educated, creative leaders who are global in outlook."
~ PAUL DANOS, dean of the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College, said postsecondary leaders will need to reevaluate their institutions’ core competencies and ensure they prepare students to to be competitive in the labor market by graduating with the skills employers are demanding.

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