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Five Things to Remember When Building Stackable Credentials

The idea of stackable credentials makes intuitive sense: create a series of ascending credentials that allow someone to progress from a short-term certificate to a bachelor’s degree and beyond in their chosen field. For students it means no duplicating course work, no confusing array of options. The theory is stackable credentials will allow students to progress in their career with plenty of entry and exit points that result in credentials along the way with labor market value. But of course,…

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Percentage of 3,000 high school seniors granted admission to the University of Florida’s online Pathway to Campus Enrollment program who accepted the offer.

“This was a ‘Wild West’ model of expansion.”
~ KEVIN KINSER, associate professor at SUNY Albany’s Institute for Global Education Policy Studies, explained that institutions are being more careful about establishing branch campuses and host countries are being more selective of foreign universities, bringing an end to a period of skyrocketing branch campus growth.

“If a college that had that much money could close, what did that mean for us?”
~ DOTTIE KING, president of St. Mary-of-the-Woods College, explained that Sweet Briar’s closing despite a $94 million endowment made leaders of small, niche colleges across the US consider business model changes.

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