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Cyber-Risk: Privacy, Access, and Student-Customer Expectations (Part 1)

—Co-written with Scott Sorley | Executive Director of Information and Communication Technology Services, University of Southern Queensland— Acknowledgment of the Student-Customer Within university culture there has traditionally been a bias held against characterizing students as customers. This of course has changed gradually over the past two decades, and with the change in attitude comes changes in language, acceptance within the university and the expectations of student-customers as they embrace their new relationship with the university. Still, we tend to rationalize…

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States that currently have some form of performance-based funding in place for higher education.

“It incentivizes them to continue.”
~ DAVID BAIME, senior vice president for government relations and research at the American Association of Community Colleges, explained that short-term certificates are valuable retention tools for students as they provide progress markers to students.

“This is an increasingly diverse system where people want to have more choice.”
~ GARY CAMPBELL, dean of learning and teaching at the University of the Highlands and Islands, explained that the move of Scottish universities to offer three-year bachelor’s degrees is a response to evolving market demand.

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Authentic Learning: Discussion Boards as a Critical Thinking Mechanism

—Co-written with Brandon West | Instructional Design Librarian, SUNY Oswego— It is becoming more common for faculty to integrate the use of a learning management systems (LMS)…

AUDIO | Shaping the University to be Responsive to Veteran Student Needs

The following interview is with Mike Carrell, assistant provost and director of the Office of Military and Veterans Services at The Ohio State University. Ohio State was…

Open Source Software for Learning Technologies in Higher Education

—Co-written with Imad Al Saeed | Program Director of Information Technology, Colorado Technical University and Brian K. Leonard | Assistant Professor of Business Law, Alabama A&M University— As costs globally continue to rise for education, institutions must become innovative in the ways they deliver the educational labs and other instructional…

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