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Three Myths of Competency-Based Education: Separating Fact from Fiction

With all the buzz surrounding competency-based education, many universities are eager to jump on the CBE bandwagon. But in the Education Advisory Board’s recent research initiative—including interviews with over 100 colleges and universities either with CBE programs or launch plans—the consistent advice from early pioneers is: look before you leap. Without a doubt, CBE is a pedagogically promising model, and one likely to only improve in its effectiveness as those on the frontier pave the way. However, for most higher…

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300 million
Dollars of funding cuts faced by the University of Wisconsin System, as announced by Governor Scott Walker.

“Students vote with their feet.”
~ WILLIAM N. LAFORGE, president of Delta State University, explained his institution was forced to shutter a number of academic programs because students simply were not enrolling.

“Maine can no longer afford the system we have now.”
~ JAMES PAGE, chancellor of the University of Maine System, explained that central planning and administrative consolidation is critical for the system’s institutions to remain viable over the long term.

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