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Lessons From a For-Profit: Strategic Planning

In this series, we’re exploring the lessons traditional institutions and successful for-profit institutions can share with each other, and in this installment we will focus on strategic planning. The darling of accreditors, in reality strategic planning in higher education, ranges from PITA (no, not the Middle-Eastern bread or the anti-meat group) to Guiding Star. Simply put, in my experience, traditional institutions’ strategic plans are pretty much worthless, but strategic planning is essential. And in for-profit institutions, strategic planning is of…

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Percentage of EvoLLLution readers who think three-year bachelor’s degrees should be introduced at universities across the United States, according to a recent poll.

“They are asking us more and more, ‘What is the cost of this?’”
~ NICHOLAS ZEPPOS, president of Vanderbilt University, said the businessmen on his board of trustees are amazed by the degree and complexity of the regulatory environment higher education institutions operate within.

“We have a unique opportunity to begin the process of transforming an industry.”
~ DAVID HAWN, president of the ECMC Group, discussed his group’s plan to overhaul the 56 Everest and WyoTech campuses they purchased from Corinthian Colleges Inc. and create the nation’s largest non-profit career college system.

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The Balancing Act Between Customer Service and Student Accountability

Are students our “customers”? Many would strongly say so. In today’s climate, non-traditional higher education (and, increasingly, traditional higher education) is offered as a retail product: advertised heavily, priced competitively and packaged in instructional modalities and offerings that fit students’ lives and work schedules. Moreover, students are acutely aware of…

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