Efficiency and Institutional Transformation

The following interview is with Tracy Schroeder, vice president for information systems and technology at Boston University. Schroeder recently penned an article for EDUCAUSE Review exploring the evolving role of a university’s IT organization. This role is closely related to the growing importance of operational efficiency for the modern postsecondary institution. In this interview, she expands on that topic and discusses how IT organizations can support the success of an institution …

The following interview is with Eric Denna, vice president for IT and chief information officer (CIO) at the University of Maryland, College Park. Denna spoke at the recent EDUCAUSE conference about the evolving role of IT professionals in the modern postsecondary institution, specifically exploring how CIOs can be part of defining an institution’s business model and strategic direction. In this interview, he expands on this topic and discusses how IT can play a role in improving the business-like management of …



Percentage decline, over 20 years, in administrative staff productivity at for-profit universities, according to a recent report by the Center for College Affordability.

“Whether you are a for-profit or a non-profit, it does not matter.”

~ ANANT AGARWAL, chief executive officer of edX, said that it does not make much difference if an institution is for-profit or non-profit, as long as they are striving to increase accessibility to and improve quality of programs for students.

“It’s not really that relevant to community colleges. I don’t see it influencing a lot of student decisions.”

~ DAVID BAIME, senior vice president for government relations and research for the American Association of Community Colleges, said their association does not support the proposed college ratings systems for any reason other than the collection and sharing of industry data.

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The following interview is with Dave King, associate provost of outreach and engagement at Oregon State University. In a recent Q&A with The EvoLLLution, King outlined his Spectrum of Access concept, describing how an institution can use its content to meet a wide array of student demands. In this interview, he expands on the value of the Spectrum of Access concept, and shares his thoughts on the importance of operational efficiency to successfully meet student needs and support the growth of the institution …

—Co-Written with Darcy Janzen | E-Learning Support Manager, University of Washington Tacoma— Just In Time. Famous words of the time-stressed, over-committed adult learner that now makes up more than 38 percent of the college-going population (according to a recent Student Clearinghouse report). Whether in assignments, courses, financial aid or getting to class, adult learners behave like most time and task-stressed adults; we queue things up as they need to get done …


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